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کاروان سلامتی

کاروان سلامتی در همه موارد......
یکشنبه 26 آذر‌ماه سال 1385

دفترچه خاطرات توپ....


این دفترچه ی خاطراتی رو که می بینین گذاشتم تا حالا پرطرفدارترین دفترچه خاطرات در جهان بوده

عکس های زیر از محیط این نرم افزار هست. این دفترچه رو هیچ کس غیر از خودتون نمی تونه بخونه٬ می تونین خیلی

 راحت هر چی توی دلتون دارین راحت اینتو بنویسنین

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DiaryOne 6 Key features :

Diary to MSN Spaces - You can publish some of your diary entries, which you want to share with your friends, to MSN Spaces blog by DiaryOne just by clicking.

Multimedia information -

DiaryOne software can store not only texts but also multimedia information including sounds, pictures, etc. Sometimes you don't want to type into the diary software, you can speak to DiaryOne and it can record your voice. That's the sound diary. And

DiaryOne has a built-in cash flow accounts keeper, you can write down your imcome and expense every day then get the monthly cash flow report.

Secret diary -

DiaryOne stores any information based on account. Before using it, you must create an account for yourself. The account is protected by the password you specified. All your privacy in this diary software will never be accessed by others.

Secure diary - DiaryOne provides the security for your data. It backups your data automatically every time you close it. It also provides the backup/restore and the export/import solutions within the diary software. And more, DiaryOne provides more plug-ins for exporting your diaries to 'CD Diary', 'Web Diary', etc.

Diaries from web - DiaryOne can get the text very easily, just one click, from a web page. When you are visit a web page with Internet Explorer, just right click on the page and select the item Save to DiaryOne in the menu, then the text in this page will be saved to DiaryOne automatically.

Personalization -

DiaryOne provides various skins and stationeries for your diaries. You can select a diary skin as you like, more skins can be got from the website. The various stationeries can suit the various mood. When creating account, DiaryOne provides many display picture for your account, select one as you like.

Shareable diary - You can publish some of your diary entries, which you want to share with your friends, to MSN Spaces blog by DiaryOne just by clicking.

DiaryOne also comes with a built-in email sender. You can send your pretty diary to your friends very easily.
Easy to use -

DiaryOne is an easy-to-use diary software. All operations are simple and human. It also provides the spell checker tool for your diary.

Stylish and real-diarybook-like interface - DiaryOne simulate the real diary-book.
Additional materials - DiaryOne provides many additional materials in its package including additional emotions, illustrates and photos. You can use them in your diary easily. Of course, you can add your own materials into the materials library.
Quickly and easily search - DiaryOne can find what you want quickly and easily. You only need enter a phrase for searching, then DiaryOne will list the results to you.
Ensure the latest version - DiaryOne comes with a built-in smart update system, it will check for new version automatically. This can ensure you are using the latest version of DiaryOne. The latest version means that more powerful and less bugs.
(The smart update system is powered by IncUpdate)

Size : 6.2 MB

Download DiaryOne 6.0 Build 2006

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